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Gameplay in detail

After completing the tutorial, players select a character and get into Control Point game mode. Control Point is a 3v3 multiplayer game mode where 2 teams fight against each other to complete the objective which is possessing an area. Team members cannot select the same character, however, both teams can have the same characters. By winning a match, players get rewarded as much as possible to keep engagement on high levels and set short/mid/long term goals with the task/quest system that not only provide bigger rewards but also guide players when challenges become more demanding.
Each character comes with 3 abilities; basic, active and ultimate. Each ability has cooldown. Basic Abilities are mostly rapid attacks with shorter cooldown/reload time, Actives have mid-heavy impacts and Ultimate are the most epic abilities. Characters have a primary passive skill that supports playstyle and cannot be changed but improvable. Moreover, characters have unique skill trees where players unlock passive skills of abilities by increasing the character level and they can dramatically change the playstyle. Glyphs are last passive abilities that players can earn after matches or buy from the market to customize characters playstyle even more.
There is a joystick at the left side of the screen for character navigation and one button for each character ability at the right side for attack.
During the match itself, there are a few key concepts a player might need to convey to their team. Through a quick gesture, a player can point to a meaningful area of the map and tell their team to group up there, attack, defend it, or warn against enemies hiding there!
A multiplayer game is communal by its very nature. The way Embershard is balanced, team synergy is often crucial to win and players need easy ways to communicate during a match and pleasant ways to meet new friends in-between matches.
Between matches, we will offer the ability to chat with other players as well as curating a list of friends to play alongside. Players can find people to add from a multitude of sources — from relationships established on other platforms, to those nearby, or even those they had a great game with! By taking any forms of harassment seriously, we can make sure those who want to have fun in a social way are free to do so!

Player Experience

These social features make it easy to take care of all the interaction required to play effectively — but we haven't forgotten that you play games to have fun! Stickers can be unlocked and used in the player-to-player chat and profile pictures can be unlocked for players to express themselves. But even more exciting is the Expressions-system!
Embershard aims to provide competitive, fun and social gaming experiences with scaled and deeply designed characters for gamers from beginners to masters. Competitive behavior comes from strong MOBA pillars with tight and deep shooter - brawl game mechanics. Appealing art style, detailed character animations and various game mechanics allow players to enjoy the game by reaching goals in various strategic and tactical ways which creates epic moments. As huge fans of MOBA and shooter games, our main goal is providing fun and easy to learn game mechanics to allow players to enjoy the path of mastering mechanics in a competitive and fair environment.
Every character can have a load-out of up to four Expressions the player can trigger at any time during play. Expressions can be a lot of different things: 2D emotes that float over your character briefly, a short animation such as a dance, or extra voice lines. These can be used to express something in the game, tease the enemy, or just to brag about the cool things you've unlocked!

Team Synergy

We believe “together” always means “fun” in competition when you have a good team and good opponents. Creating a team synergy within strangers plays an important role in making a fun MOBA game. There are 5 important areas to consider for team synergy; character roles and harmony, in-game communication, player behavior, community, competition and reward.
There are 4 character classes to define team member's role in a game. Each class plays significant role in teamplay to achieve game mode objectives. Therefore, players select the character and game mode first to get in matchmaking system and find the best team and/or opponents.
There are several ways to communicate in a match such as; callouts, text - voice chat, and emotes. Callouts designed for in-team communication focused on game objectives. Text - voice chat and emotes allow players freely communicate during matches on both social or strategic purposes. To build a health community, there is an in-game report system where players can report bad behaviors and reward system for being a truth team player.
Players can see other players' profile after the match which allow them to send an invitation for another match or to be a friend. Anyone can join Embershard Community on Discord to get socialize, find a team/mate and participate global events which have epic rewards.


MOBA style games are often highly complex and can be intimidating to new players. At the same time, few want to spend long in a tutorial and would prefer to just get into the game. We take this balance very seriously and tackle it in two ways:
  1. 1.
    Every tutorial and guide can be skipped, in case the player feels experienced enough not to need them.
  2. 2.
    Every tutorial and guide can be replayed by those who need a refresher or who find that they shouldn't have skipped it after all.
  3. 3.
    Tutorials and guides are bite-sized. Information is never given until the player actually needs it and we try to be brief about it.
  4. 4.
    Tutorials and guides integrate with the UI and thus information is always shown in context.