Quality features

Embershard is a game that provides limitless hours of fun, social and competitive gameplay with a deep and strategic progression system that is designed encouraging for newbies but worthwhile and rewarding for high level players.

Embershard designed as a system that always satisfies players not only for winning a game but participating matches and overcoming different challenges of both genres MOBA and Shooter. As a player’s journey, there is a designed path that starts with shooter elements with small MOBA touches and provides more challenging play-styles by unlocking high level characters when players master the basics of MOBA and Shooter mechanics.


One of the most crucial factors of fun game experience is appealing art-style supported by an intriguing and fascinating game world and meta which is one of the design pillars of Embershard. Embershard has semi-realistic and semi-fantasy art style that has eye-catching characters and environments. Characters have impressive animations and visual effects. There are various character items, expressions, and voice overs.


Embershard aim to provide AAA quality sound experience which makes audio very important. Additionally, MOBA ft Shooter is one the most challenging genres when it comes to provide premium gaming experience. We keep feeding players with game and objective sounds as the most important aspect of the gameplay and then additional feedback and fun elements such as voice overs and ambient sounds. Considering our interesting narrative, we supported characters with appealing interactive voice overs to create a stronger link between players and characters.

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