Embershard is a MOBA-esque game for mobile devices. It provides fast-paced and fun play with heavy focus on interesting characters and diverse styles of play. The gameplay is made up of rounds where teams of players compete against each other in different game modes built around different objectives.


Embershard is a 3D, third person-isometric, mobile, competitive multiplayer online team battle arena, shooter and action game where players select a character among fantastic champions who has unique skills, and combat with each other to complete map objectives.

Action / Brawler / Core

Players can enjoy mastering game mechanics in a social, competitive and fair environment with unique champions that have fascinating animations and art style, unique abilities and playstyles.

World and Background

At the heart of the lost land of Lemuria is a broken crystal that emanates mystical fire — the Embershard. When it broke, it caused Lemuria to shift from a fantasy world to Earth. In this near-future version of our world many saw the potential riches that could be gained from magic and pieces of the Embershard. An international organization, the World Alliance Rift Defense, or WARD for short, was created to investigate possibilities and threats.

Of course, not everyone on Earth is willing to accept WARD as the sole contact with Lemuria and some extraordinary individuals have decided to take matters in their own hands. And, of course, the lands had a population of their own at the time of the shift, both human and otherwise — some of which are willing to fight to keep outsiders away.

In the game, players take on the role of one of the many characters with different allegiances as they vie for control of Lemuria's riches and, most of all, the Embershard itself.

The narrative aspect of Embershard ties into every part of the game. Therefore there is no dedicated part of this whitepaper for lore. Tie-ins with the story are mentioned throughout this document to show how specific parts play into the players' fantasies. For an extensive dive, there is is a whole lore site, powered by World Anvil.

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