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Our ideal Embershard defends a "community first" take on development. If problems arise we will turn firstly, to our community. We will start seeking feedback with our very early in-development game, and will maintain this approach at every stage in the future. We want Embershard to thrive in its own atmosphere of creators. That is why Embershard will support creator benefits in the future. Creators of all disciplines; artists, video editors, live streamers, content creators, musicians, and bloggers alike, will have the opportunity to enjoy both an exposure to their content from the Embershard community, and possible financial compensations. We are also working on a prototype guild benefit program. We use community channels frequently, and make efforts to create new channels our community can express themselves on. To give feedback, and keep up-to-date with Embershard, you can go ahead, and follow us on these following platforms.