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Map principles

The playable characters of Embershard have very different strengths and different players have different preferred styles of play. Every map should allow for as many viable strategies as possible, so long as there is an equally viable counter-strategy.
Below are some strategies we evaluate, though the list isn't exhaustive. It should be noted that these are different from character Roles (Damage, Control, Support, Tank). Roles are all about what a character is good at, these strategies are about how a player decides to execute on those strengths.
  • Run and Gun. While this sort of strategy doesn't always use a gun, the principle is the same: the player wants to constantly move towards targets and throw as much damage that way as they can. For their sake, there is always an open area somewhere to just slug it out.
  • Hide and Trap. Some rely on stealth to take position and then strike enemies when they are vulnerable. As a result, we have areas to hide in close to where others have to pass by.
  • Ranged Tactics. The opposite of run and gun strategy, these players make sure to keep distance and take the best shots they can while staying safe. We provide them cover and the possibility to use paths creatively.
  • Support and Manipulators. These players attempt to help their own team and hinder the rest through playing the players and the map rather than just dealing damage. We make sure there are many different approaches to any situation so that these players can try to force play to choose one over the other.