Character and Player Progression

Players progress in several ways that both reward their play style but also drive them towards exploring alternatives. They level up as players as they win games, but also level up their characters in order to unlock abilities that allow for greater variation in how they play their favorites. Because the requirements to level up are exponential, it is beneficial to try out different paths.


The users often like to play with certain characters more than the others, and cosmetics are the best way to help users customize that character and ‌identify with it. All characters in Embershard will eventually have several skins, some come as an accessory change on the character while some will be a complete remake of a character’s visuals including skills, visual effects and reactions.

Players can unlock or purchase ways to express themselves in the game: animations, voice lines, icons — there are so many ways to show off your dedication and identity.

Fortnite, the top grossing game of all time, makes almost all of its revenue through cosmetics.


Anything that can be achieved through purchases is also available to those willing to put in the time to play. Players will match with those on a similar level to themselves, but those who want to get more options sooner can bypass some game play instead of having patience. Therefore, the game isn’t pay-to-win but pay-or-patience-to-gain-options.

Quest Systems

We reward players for participating. This happens through quests that act a bit like achievements that encourage exploration. We will also host events that bring about time-limited opportunities both for play and rewards, making it worth a lot to be around and pay attention to what happens in the game.

Periodically, we will introduce more radical shifts to the game in the form of seasons. These will bring about new game modes, characters, and more. With such large changes, even seasoned players will have something new to master.

Season Pass

Players who choose to buy a season pass have better chances at substantial rewards, potentially access to special features, and other perks. It is a way to show dedication to continuous play and deserves recognition!

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