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List of Legends

These are our first playable characters in Embershard.
Some of our characters are from Earth and members of WARD, the World Alliance Rift Defense, while others are free agents who are convinced they have a better idea of how to use the Embershard. But there are also the people who arrived with Lemuria as the shift happened.


In order to prevent the tragedy that befell his own family from happening to others, Aisuke spent his teenage years learning to sneakily take out the criminals of Japan. He's not sure exactly how WARD found out about his skillset, but he understand the consequences if the Embershard ends up in the hands of crime syndicates.
While young, Aisuke is highly skilled at performing sudden and deadly attacks from the shadows. His basic attack allows him to throw kunai knives to potentially deal with several targets. His active ability makes him invisible for a short while in order to either sneak up on enemies or to escape from a difficult situation. Once he's in a good position, Aisuke can use his ultimate ability lunge along a straight path, dealing damage to everyone in his way before jumping back to his original position.


Once, Arachne was known by a different name and was a famous monster hunter who chased glory more than anything else, but then she met a powerful being that was more than she could handle. As punishment for her intrusion, she was turned into the monstrous form she has now. She took her new name and hid in the wilderness of Lemuria. That is, until the Embershard activated. The shift to Earth has allowed her to think for herself again and she has to face what she has become.
Arachne can deliver venom when she slashes them with the on claws on her hands. She uses her active ability to spread a web that allow her to move quickly — even past some obstacles, but it's when she activates her ultimate ability that she really lets the monster out. She temporarily transforms into a scarier form and she relies on her back legs to deliver cut her enemies to pieces.


Athena has dedicated her life to be an elite soldier for the Anatami Empire. She won every athletics competition she entered and she mastered two impressive techniques with her glaive. Then, the Embershard caused her to shift to Earth along with the rest of Lemuria, leaving her in a world where no one has even heard of the Empire she serves. As she sees it, defending what little she has is the only thing she knows how to do.
In combat, Athena weirds a heavy glaive and uses its heft as much as her own muscles to always keep in motion. This constant movement is pushed even further with her active ability which lets her make a high jump and slam down on her enemies. Her ultimate ability lets her switch to a more aggressive fighting form, increasing her damage output significantly at the cost of exposing herself to incoming attacks.


Maya was born and raised in Mexico but eventually moved to the US. She quickly learned that injustice doesn't solve itself and if you wanted to get your fair share you had to take it. Eventually, this landed her in prison with a reputation as a great sharpshooter. WARD got her released into their custody and she has helped them deal with security around the Embershard since. She hasn't forgotten her roots, but she also know she's needed where she is.
Her revolver has been enhanced to heat her bullets as she fires, making her basic attack hard to master but very rewarding once you get your aim right. The bolas she throws as her active skill make for a get choice to get away if an enemy is too close, or to keep them in place while you aim. When she uses her active, she looks around for all enemies in range and then rapidly fires at all of them.

The Pionier

Otto Herzig, known as the Pionier, is a genius engineer. The arrival of the Embershard and it's proof of "magic" has at once thrown much of his understanding of the world out the window and given him a whole new field to master. He believes he can use its power to build a better world — literally and figuratively.
In combat, the Pionier relies on his gadgets to keep him safe. Timed grenades can be thrown over low obstacles with his basic attack while his ultimate ability a turret Sentinel that dominates that area around it. His active skill allows him to send out a drone that will zap nearby enemies before returning. If it's sent to Sentinel, the drone will even repair the turret while it's there.


With her cheerful attitude, Sonya might not seem like the most sane person on the team. She's a mercenary in the employ of WARD and has an over-enthusiastic approach to everything from violence to anime. Her profession also means she has a history with many of the other characters.
Sonya is the first character a player gets to play as and her style of combat allows for, even encourages, a reckless approach. Her basic attack is a shotgun and thus appropriate to close to mid-range and her active ability allows her to heal herself and handle the danger of being that close. Sonya's ultimate ability uses her rocket launcher to deal massive damage to enemies.


Tania is a medical doctor and biochemist from Johannesburg who has developed the technology for very rapid healing also used by other characters from Earth. After a while, she got bored with working in a lab or a regular clinic and instead spent her time at warzones and natural disasters. She has joined WARD in order to avoid as much death as possible in the fight for the Embershard.
Tania does carry a plasma gun to keep herself safe but teammates should still try to keep the heat off of her. Her active skill allows her to target a specific ally or her self for a much needed recovery of health. As her ultimate ability she creates a dome of similar healing energy, reviving all allies while they are in it.


Tyr has protected the people of Lemuria, whether they want it or not, all his life. He tried to do this as a soldier for a while, but he listened more to his hearts than he did to orders and was dishonorably discharged. The shift and the exposure of the Embershard has made his home that much more dangerous, and Tyr is there to beat up those who mean harm, and safeguard whose he think needs it.
In combat, Tyr is your archetypical tank. He's not that fast, but he can take a lot of damage and his axe is dangerous at melee range. His active ability allows him to call down lightning, giving him an ability to damage enemies at some distance if they try to run away, and also briefly protect allies in that area. As his ultimate ability, Tyr slams the ground in front of him, stunning and hurting enemies.