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Maps in Embershard are always tied to the narrative and set in specific locations in our world. This way we are both consistent because it is all held together in one story, but can also provide a lot of variation as our world has many different aspects to it. As the game grows, seasons are added and events occur, we will explore more, but even early on there are three very distinct areas: the Silver Crescents, WARD Labs, and the city of Nossis. By creating maps for different locations, we can tell more interesting stories and give players more visual variation.


The largest city on Lemuria might look ancient to those from Earth, but it's very much a living settlement and modern by its own world's standards. Of course, with the shift to Earth, life in Nossis isn't the same and streets are often empty as citizens have isolated themselves to a few areas. Also, the Embershard has caused ancient magical contraptions throughout the city to go haywire.

Silver Crescents

This area of meadows and minor woodlands was once home to a great civilization of magic users, but for unknown reasons those who lived there vanished and left only ruins behind. They seem to have had some connection to the Embershard and after the shift to Earth, long since dormant magical artefacts have come to life.


The World Alliance Rift Defense, or WARD for short, is Earth's official response to investigate Lemuria and the effects of the Embershard. The Labs is the largest outpost the organization has established and strange things are brought here from all over for analysis.