Success factors


Providing users a unique selling point

The key ingredient for building a successful MOBA game is what uniqueness you bring to the table. Sure balancing, variety of maps are also equally important but one should not underestimate the saturated market conditions of the MOBA subgenre, it’s no longer the time when LoL first just popped up. The game that introduces a unique spin is going to take home the cup. That’s what DOTA initiated and League continued, now its perhaps in the hands of Overwatch 2.

The MOBA genre has its core userbase that significantly rewards developers for delivering innovative games. The successor games in this genre have always had strong differentiating factors. This also enables being able to target the users that don't enjoy the current MOBAs.

Starting from the very core mechanic of the gameplay, Embershard is a completely unique game introducing many novel aspects to a MOBA game. The Embershard is designed to innovate the way we enjoy MOBAs, while paying a significant attention to the rooted expectations of the userbase. From progression, to the mechanics of the gameplay and characters, there are a lot of different systems that are not seen in any other game in the genre. This increases the impact of the word-of-mouth marketing; providing users with more ways to convince their whole community to migrate to a new game.

Meeting Expectations

MOBAs have several qualities that make them very enjoyable and merging with shooter increases competition which at least doubles the fun! Embershard is a quite accessible mobile game that allows players to overcome challenges by playing unique characters, improving their skills and reaching glory together with their team in a fair environment.

In other words, Embershard is a multiplayer face-paced shooter meets MOBA game where teams compete against each other in 5-min long matches, get socialize, make a profit and enjoy a technically and visually well-designed game.


As a Multiplayer Online Team Battle Arena game, Embershard ensures unique play-styles with 4 different Legend Classes with 2 types which are crucial for teamplay which is essential for winning in most cases. Embershard has deeply designed character to provide unique play-styles, different gameplay strategies with progressive character structures to make stronger connections between players and characters. Most importantly, it allows players to be more competitive and successful when they find the best character fits their play-style.

Balance is the most challenging part for designing a fair environment which is also crucial for satisfying game experience. In Embershard, team play is as important as playing individually. Therefore, each character has a class that defines its role in a team to perform convenient teamplay. For these reasons, Embershard has a decent matchmaking system where players match depending on their levels and rank which demonstrates character proficiency of the player. Players must select their character first and the system forms equal teams.


As a Shooter/Brawl game, Embershard presents fast-paced gameplay which makes movement, aiming and timing very important for satisfying experiences. Each character is designed in a way of guiding players from start to the end of the learning journey. Embershard has clearly defined characters, well-designed game mechanics and fun gameplay experience.


Embershard pushes the boundaries of social interactions, therefore, choosing the platform was very crucial for success. Since one of the design pillars is social communication, Embershard run on the Mobile platform to connect more people with each other in a wider market. Even Mobile devices are limited for using high quality assets compared to PCs and Consoles, Embershard has highly optimized art assets that allows the game still performs great and looks beautiful. In other words, Embershard is playable with whom you want, whenever you want and however you want without losing visual pleasure. For these reasons, Mobile platform fits the best.

Audience Fitness

Meeting the art-style and complexity expectations

The reason why every MOBA game appeals more to a portion of the MOBA gamer community is because of the unique combination of the art-style and complexity of the game-mechanics. While a compelling lore creates more reasons for players to become attached to specific characters and keep them coming back to the game, the overall art direction plays the most significant role in catching users' attention at the first sight. The overall complexity of the game on the other hand, is a significant factor in retaining users in the game over the time; from tutorial to a-year-long playtime.

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