Characters Overview

Our characters come from different factions, from Earth's official response to the Embershard, WARD, to those from the fantasy world that shifted to Earth along with it. But the characters also have their own agenda and reason to team up with the others for various missions, which explains the team configurations during play. Characters also interact with each other in the form of dialogue that give clues to players who care about the lore.

Of course, lore isn't everything and having a good spread in our roster for different playstyles is important. Those planned for our hard launch will allow for different strengths to be matched up to complete teams that compliment each other.

Characters are divided into four Role: Control, Damage, Support, and Tank. Each character can fulfill more than just their main Role to some degree and all of that is taken into account when we match players up to play. Maps have some ideal team compositions in terms of these Roles and we do our best to find teams that get as close to that as possible. But since characters can fulfill more than their own Role, having a couple of them who can sort of do something means the team might not require a dedicated team member for it.

When we design characters we take not only the Roles into account, but also the playstyles they best support. We also know that damage-based characters are often the most popular. In addition, we assign each character a n estimated complexity — how much their success depends on the skill of the player rather than just the abilities of the character. Players who value skill feel rewarded for playing high-complexity characters while new players and those who want a more casual game will do fine with low-complexity ones.

Currently, our spread is:

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