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The plan is for Embershard to have many different ways to play and more modes are constantly being debated. The ones here are just the ones closest to release.

Control Point

This mode is played with two teams of three players. The objective is an area that is equally accessible to both teams and is known as the control point. When a character is within that area for a short amount of time, they capture it for their team and gain a point every second until the opponents capture the point. When one team has gathered enough points, they win.


Matches are played in two rounds with two teams of three players each that take turns as attackers. The attackers push a payload along a pre-determined path by standing next to it. Defenders can push the payload backwards if they are the ones next to it instead, or just slow its progression if both teams are present. The first round ends when the payload reaches the end of its path, or when the time runs out.
If the first attackers pushed the payload all the way, the attackers in round two must push it there faster in order to win. If the first attackers didn't get all the way, the new attackers must push the payload farther than the first team ever got in order to win.