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Design Fundamentals

Design Pillars

  • Character fantasy as a role-playing/identification
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master: fair competition among experienced-inexperienced
  • Narrative-driven cohesivity of various game elements
  • Quick rounds: easy and fast to start, finish and repeat
  • Various exciting and rewarding paths to progress
  • Compete against or team up with friends
  • Neither as detailed and complex as a MOBA nor as simple as a shooter

Player Experience

  • Players can easily bond with and live the fantasy of each character during gameplay, which is ensured through the elements such as strong character design, animations, effects, and distinct gameplay with unique skills, etc.
  • The core gameplay mechanic is so intuitive and easy-to-learn that beginners of the game or inexperienced MOBA players can very easily adapt to and start playing.
  • Rounds take place up to 4-6 mins each so that users can connect, play and end the game without feeling much disconnection from their daily life.
  • Mechanics are balanced in a way that experienced MOBA players can easily compete with inexperienced ones without feeling much of a challenge or learning curve.
  • Progression is mainly through completing tasks, collecting rewards, and unlocking new characters, not to mention continuously improving the unlocked ones; aiming to keep players highly engaged with a long-term retention perspective.
  • Strong social mechanics allow users to both play with existing friends and also make new friends. There are various ranking systems of characters and users, leaderboards (clan-wise, international, national, group, etc.)
  • The narrative makes the parts of the game feel cohesive and “alive” as it provides interesting details for the characters and environment.