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Veloxians are on the quest to colonise the mobile game industry, bu creating the infinite game. At Veloxia, we put context over control, meaning we see objectives above processes. We believe in equal opportunity. We have a "knowledge-first" take on most conflicts, and often seek alternative perspectives. We have five core values at Veloxia. Curiosity We learn rapidly and eagerly. We try to contribute effectively inside & outside of our expertise. We search for connections others might miss. The Analytical Mindset We identify root causes, and swiftly get beyond treating symptoms. We use data to inform, and back our intuitions and decisions. We articulate what we are trying to do, and not trying to do, in a healthy manner.
Innovation Veloxians are creative individuals forming an innovative tribe. We create ideas that re useful to people. We devote the time to understand complex problems and prototype simple yet effective solutions. Veloxians believe in the only constant; that is change. Passion Veloxians spring into action with enthusiasm. We are passionate about designing the experience. We care intensely about our players joy.
Courage Veloxians are not afraid to fail, and they recover rapidly. We fix problems quickly. We take smart risks, and are open to failure.
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